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From Darkness to Light

Image by Prateek Gautam
Lighting Candles
road through bamboo forest and light at
I am connected to All That Is - I am the
Peaceful Newborn
White light flare special effect
Woman hands holding the sun at dawn
Lost sheep on autumn pasture
Image by Brett Jordan
Image by Meagan Carsience
Image by Sandy Millar
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Joshua Fuller
Image by Hans-Peter Gauster
Image by Joshua Fuller
Image by nikko macaspac
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Dark Clouds

Here are some links to self- reflection exercises which involves deep refection into our own darkness through asking our self questions-  aimed at helping us to meditate on our self, our darkness, our past human experience and gaining wisdom from our own thoughts, emotions, speech and action- and then applying this wisdom from what we may have perceived to have been a negative experience- to our present and future time in this world in order to rise above the darkness and transform into Light.